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If you are wanting to grow your business through a professional video strategy that drives customers to your website and spreads awareness of your business then you came to the right place. I specialize in not only creating eye catching videos utilizing professional equipment and years of experience, but I present an actual video strategy tailored to help you achieve your business goals. My work doesn't have to stop after video production; I can make sure those videos get in front of the right audience and maximize their effectiveness utilizing social media platforms, analytics and software. These type projects vary on price depending on several factors. Please reach out to us to discuss your vision and we will provide a quote!

For special event requests such as birthday parties, festivals, city sanctioned events or any other live event that will be filmed as it occurs for the purposes of capturing the moment with a highlight video(s), I offer straight pricing based on half day and full day rates for a one man filming crew with one camera, wireless microphones and a camera stabilizer.  My half day rate to film on location (up to 4 hours) is $500 and my full day rate (4 - 8 hours) is $900. (Anything over 8 hours on a day shoot is priced at $100 an hour). These rates cover Dallas, and Collin Counties and don't factor in the editing for any videos or additional staff if needed based on your request. Those rates do not cover full on set production equipment such as auxiliary lighting, additional external audio equipment, teleprompters, green screens, etc. These rates are to film on location with no pre-shoot production / directing. These prices are also only valid if we do the video editing for you. These prices do not cover the transfer of the ownership of raw footage.


Any locations outside of this area will accrue a travel rate of $1 per mile outside of Dallas/Collin County areas to the location of the shoot. I do not offer wedding videography services however. 


My editing rate for special event/live event capturing is $30 per hour.  Depending on what style/size final video you want, editing can take anywhere from 2-20 hours, or more for large projects or several videos created from raw footage captured. 


One free post-production revision of up to 2 hours per finalized video is always included. Each additional revision is $30 per hour for the duration needed to accomplish the request. 

My editing workflow consists of two rounds of sifting through video footage to narrow down preferred footage within a designated video length. Color correction of selected video. Royalty free music selection and editing for that time frame and mood (sometimes this can take up to an hour alone). Audio processing and syncing of audio. Editing selected video to be in sync with the beat of the selected music to accomplish the theme and message of the video. Implementation of speed ramps and transitions. Color grading. Video rendering.

After the editing is complete, I review the video to make any necessary adjustments for the final cut video to be delivered. I do this a few hours after the completion of the video to make sure I view it with a "fresh set of eyes" since our eyes and ears can adapt to an alternate view of the footage after so many hours in editing mode in front of the computer. I do this to reset my senses to make sure I deliver the best product I can. Editing hours only accumulate for actual time editing and creating projects. 

Reach out to me anytime! In the meantime, browse my website or visit my social media pages by clicking on the icons at the bottom of my website pages.  Thanks for visiting!

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