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Why not incorporate all available angles into your video? AGL Cinema gives you that flexibility by adding aerial videography into your project whether you're selling a house/business or need a series of commercial videos to advertise and grow your business. I am also available to film special events such as birthday parties, gatherings, fundraisers, training videos or a city-sanctioned event (I do not offer wedding video services however). 

I enjoy the process of creating a film and video strategy from start to finish. I bring a unique perspective with my drones and camera gear I use to bring out all angles of your project. I value your time and goals and strive to create a product and/or video strategy you are happy with.

If you are a business owner who is looking to up your sales or expand your outreach, contact me through chat, phone or book a meeting to learn more about how a customized video strategy will help reach your goals.


To help with smoother dialogue delivery and content awareness for commercials and presentation videos, we give you the option to use a teleprompter for reading a prepared script. 

I can do green screen backdrops for interviews which gives you the flexibility to change out the background scene of your interview when needed or desired. This can be important if you update or change your business logo or name and want to reflect that in the background of your interview footage. 

I also do headshots photography! Ask about setting up our mobile green-screen headshot studio while we are on set filming and we can provide you with as many headshots as you like (please see some headshot examples in the photography portfolio section. 


I now have the ability to livestream! I can broadcast a high quality video stream to either your Instagram or Facebook page with one cinema camera, or provide three different 1080p portable cameras with multiplex live stream camera angle cut away options. With either platform, I make sure the audio quality of your broadcast is second to none. 

Lighting is key! When additional lighting is needed, I have a range of mobile high quality lights I can deploy which bring out the rich colors and wanted effects for your video.


Although I operate primarily as a one man show, I do have the ability to sub contract out extra camera operators, light and audio specialists and assistants if the job requires it. I create professional videos that stand out from the competition through visual AND audio enhancements with great attention to detail and purpose. 


My service motto is simple; 'treat others the way you would like to be treated'. 

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